3 Unique Manifestation Techniques To Get What You Want

Did you know people are discovering different techniques to manifest what they want?

Manifesting and the law of attraction has been around for centuries but in today’s society, this new age belief is evolving into subcategories from the ancient law.

The core fundamentals will always stay the same. ‘like attracts like’, but humans are also finding unique ways to apply its traditions.

Affirmations, visualizations, positive thinking, and action still need to be implemented for the law of attraction to be successful, but if you are wanting to switch up your manifestation routine, or want to try something different then these techniques will definitely help!

One of these techniques helped me successfully manifest $800 in only 5 days!

So stay put! Down below are 3 unique law of attraction methods to start applying right now!

Manifestation Box:

A manifestation box (A.K.A. Intention, creation or wish box) is a super fun and creative way to help manifest your goals.

The idea is that it works like a mailbox to the universe, all you need to do is place something in any box of your choice (you can buy a special box or make one yourself) and the divine takes care of the rest!

You can put anything in your box including written affirmations, visual cut outs from books or magazines, symbolic objects or anything that resembles your intentions.

The thing that makes a manifestation box so great is that it works like a vision board, but once you set your intentions that’s all you need to do.

So if you’re obsessing over your desires a manifestation box really takes the weight off!

If you want to know more about it, check out this video I’ve included down below.


Ho’oponopono is a mental cleansing prayer that originated from Hawaii.

There are a few variations, but the most popular and effective method is taught by Dr. Hew Len.

Ho’oponopono is a simple mantra that can be repeated out loud or inside your head, the mantra goes like this;

“I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you.”

The idea is that you are 100% responsible for everything in your reality, even outside entities like people and other emotions or conflicts.

The main goal of this mantra is to heal yourself which then heals all surroundings.

So for your manifestations, this simple yet effective prayer can help clear limiting beliefs and resistance block making it easier to attract the desires you want.

The 2 Cup Method:

The 2 cup manifestation technique is one of the most powerful ways to align yourself on a higher frequency.

This method primarily focuses on quantum jumping.

Quantum jumping is the theory there are infinite realities being simultaneously played out.

Meaning that in one of the unlimited existences, you are living out your hopes and desires. The idea of quantum jumping is to shift into that reality.

In order to make the shift, you can use the 2 cup method.

This technique helped me manifest $800!

Basically, all you need is two cups or glasses (duh) and two pieces of paper or post-it notes.

On one piece of paper, you will write your desired outcome, for me, I wrote “$800 in cash.”

The other note you write what your current situation is, “I am waiting on abundance.” Was what I wrote when I did it.

Notice how I didn’t write “I am broke” or “I have no money“. That’s because water can carry memory so be careful with your intentions (even if it’s your current situation.)

Next, pour water into the glass labeled with your current desires, then pour that glass into the other one.

Drink the water and you have successfully quantum jumped into your desired reality!

You can do this method as many times as you like, although once is just fine.


The greatest thing about manifesting is there are so many paths which you can take!

But with all these methods, don’t let it distract you from the core elements of the law of attraction.

Give these techniques a try, they really do work but don’t forget to use affirmations, visualizations and always show gratitude as well.

The last step is action, no dream or goal can be achieved solely on positive thinking!

Feel free to leave me any question down below and I’ll be happy to answer anyones queries. 

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