3 Steps To Alignment With The Law Of Attraction

Are you taking the right steps to manifest your dream life?

There are many tricks and techniques to make your manifestations work, but I think there is a fundamental core and structure you must follow as well.

The law of attraction is about receiving what you give to the universe, ‘Like Attracts like’.

Although wishful thinking and positive vibes are important, they don’t makeup all the pieces to the puzzle…

The Law Of Attraction isn’t complicated, the process is very simple but there are important factors to consider when manifesting your dream life.

This post is not meant to put you off, but to help you get a clearer understanding of how to apply the law of attraction.

Many people are giving false hope and promises that manifesting is like waving a magic wand, unfortunately, not all manifestations work that way

I’m not here to burst your bubble. Remember there are different paths to the destination of your goals, some things manifest easier than others.

In saying this, here are the 3 steps to help align with your goals!

1.) Thought

Like I said before, positive thinking doesn’t makeup all the pieces, but it is and always will be one of the key components to using the Law of attraction.

I think this one is fairly obvious, especially for those already aware of how it all works.

Visualization/thinking is the recipe for an amazing manifestation, the perception of your environment often dictates your outcome.

To create a powerful visualization here’s what you must do…

You need to be clear on what it is you want, it must be specific.

In your mind, play the role as the main character to a movie. In this case, your movie is how you want your life to be.

Say you were wanting to manifest a new job, In this scene, you’re arriving at your dream workplace.

What are you wearing?

Depending on the job you may wear a uniform, formal suit or dress.

Where is your dream job?

Are you high up in an apartment building or working outside?

Never be afraid to use your imagination!

2.) Emotion

Creating emotions around your thoughts is a necessity when turning dreams into a reality.

To visualize is one thing, but to feel the thoughts with those visualizations is another.

Did you know that different emotions work on different energetic frequencies?

Fear, stress, anxiety, and worry all work on lower vibrations, no wonder if you’re stressed it feels like you can’t think!

With positive thoughts, positive feelings need to take place too.

If you’re trying to practice your visualizations make sure to be in the right frame of mind, meditation is always great to clear the mind of negative emotions.

3.) Action

I hate to break it to you, but action is a must when creating positive manifestations.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to bust your ass off and work till you drop, but behind every successful manifestation is some degree of action.

If you are wishing for a pocket full of cash or a dream relationship to appear from thin air, your manifestations may take longer than expected…

One time I manifested $800.

To get that money I didn’t work any harder or do longer shifts, but I did have to take some sort of action.

When I manifested extra money I used the 2 cup method, I had set the intention that I wanted to receive $800 the following week.

3 days later I received an email informing me about a tax refund I was eligible for, all I had to was fill in a form and send it back to the tax department.

You see the universe did send me the money I wished to manifest, but I still had to apply some sort of action.


I believe these steps are the groundwork to make positive manifestations occur into your life.

The law of attraction isn’t about working harder, but it is about aligning yourself with the right energies to get what you want.

Setting the right intentions to the universe will grant your wishes, just be sure to know where you are placing them!

The power is in you!

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think, would love to hear from you!


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